Casa Metope is located in the south part of Corfu, in Chlomos. The plot provides breathtaking views of the Ionian sea and the Korission lake. The aim of the project wwas to create a residence that best fits the needs of its residents and best frames the panoramic views.  The biggest challenges we had to face were the stip slope and the narrow limits.

Taking this into consideration we split the the project in two volumes and created an optical game which expands the idea of its limits.

On the top level we have placed the main house, a two level structure surrounded by private and public atriums and built pergolas that mimic the style of the house to blur the limits of the built and natural environment.

On the lower level an independent guest house has been placed to accommodate visitors.

Natural Stone is the dominant material that we have used throughout the project in order to give a sense of stability and adaptation to the environment.

In Progress
Chlomos, South Corfu
413 m²

Architectural study, Interior & Visuals by Konstantina Yannaki

The idea

Untitled Artwork 4

The inspiration


The textures


The design