Casa Ruina

Casa Ruina is located in the west coast of Corfu surrounded by olive trees and a stunning view to the Ionian Sea. The presence of an abundance of olive trees both in the plot and its surroundings motivated us to design with main focus on preserving the existing vegetation and the character given to the plot.

In order to preserve the big olive trees, it is proposed to break the building volumes. This results in the creation of the internal courtyards and atriums, forming areas of graded privacy. The main house area consists of interconnected volumes, when exterior walls are being used in order not only to guide but also to frame different aspects of the house or the surrounding area. The entrance to the house can be found through an atrium, when the design offers alternative ways to enter it.

Keeping the idea of ​​mixing with nature, the bathrooms visually extend towards private patios and create the image of merging with the environment. Strategically placed openings allow the smoothness of the interior with the exterior environment and their boundaries when also framing the Ionian Sea. A linear swimming pool gives the impression of the continuation of the element of water. Pergolas in association with olive trees compliment the building area and enhance the feeling of living among big olive trees with the view to the Mediterranean Sea.

The materials chosen are natural smoothly integrating into the natural environment and respecting the Corfu identity. Stone, brick and wood are being used in a way that creates a traditional yet modern palette. The olive trees and various plants of horizontal and vertical growth compliment the whole experience.

In Progress
Kortiraki, West Corfu
477 m²

The idea

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The inspiration


The textures

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The design