Casa Optio

Tradition adapted into modern living is one the main principles that rule the casa optio design, located in the central part of Corfu.the Exposed wooden roof is covered with handmade traditional clay tiles as very often seen on the island’s history. The space itself consists of living zones connected through natural, raw materiality and continuity in their organic placement, in the interior and exterior respectively. 

Bright wooden textures and earthy colors have been chosen to give a light and breezy feeling throughout the space.  

The access to the house is through an ensemble of paths with planted vegetation, thus making the entrance an experience and simultaneously providing more privacy for its residents. The external areas all come together under the light pergolas and the various patios that can be either private, or provide the space for gatherings. 

The idyllic views are framed through balanced and symmetrical openings in the façade, dressed in wooden pergolas.

In Progress
Pelekas, West Corfu
339 m²

Interior, exterior & Visuals by Konstantina Yannaki & Keti Lessai

The idea

Casa Optio

The inspiration

The textures

The design