Casa Apalati

In order to take full advantage of the views from the plot, its pavement was done in a higher level. In order to achieve that, we had to construct high retaining walls due to the steep slope of the plot. 

The exterior skeleton frame supports the roof, and no columns have been used inside to help gain a clear open space for the two floor villa. 

Tradition was an important aspect of the conception and we had the chance to collect and reuse old bricks and stone around the door frames, the same stone as the corfu palace is made of. 

On the interior light tones and no joint homogeneous flooring reflect the exposed wooden pitched roof, covered with Italian clay tiles. 

An interesting addition were the metal railings that emerge from the floor and have no visible connections. Everything is handcrafted and custom made.

Pelekas, West Corfu

The process

The result