Villa Olika

Villa Olika is located on the south part of Corfu, sitting on a large seafront plot 8000. We were entrusted with the construction of the structure and also we were part of the interior design process. 

Due to its proximity from the sea, all the materials were chosen based on their humidity resistance properties. The multi-leveled structure was made from reinforced concrete, and the soil from the excavations of the basements was used to create the landscape on the property. 

To create a calming feeling, the covering materials both on the interior and exterior are natural and in lighter tones, that also help reflect the natural light, entering from the large facade openings. 

Regarding the built in furniture and carpentry works, the main goal was to integrate them in the design as much as possible. wardrobe doors and openings follow the same style and give a sense of continuity of the space. 

Prasoudi, West Corfu

The process

The result