Kontokali Bay Resort

Kontokali Bay approached us to be in charge of the renovations they had planned for the main building,two restaurants, reception area,the spa, the main swimming pool and the additions in the bungalows. One key part of the process was to keep the original character of the building and to enhance the modernist style of the building. 

In the reception the waffle slab became part of the design, and a statement piece at the same time. all the rooms of the main building were renovated, both the living space and the bathrooms to make for a better living experience. In the main swimming pool we kept the exterior shell and reduced the depth to meet the legal requirements. We replaced the tilling and created a sky effect lighting installation. 

In the restaurant area, we renovated the dining space and added fully waterproof pergolas.

We also cleansed the beach front and took charge of the placement and arrangement of the beach furniture.

All the materials used for this project are from our showroom in corfu.

Kontokali, Central Corfu
2.300 m²

The process